DPIJI Stories


Persecuted in Pakistan
by Taha Anis, May/June 2018

Forbidden from calling themselves Muslims, targeted by religious extremists, Ahmadis still cling to the country they helped establish.


Strangers in Their Own Land
by May Jeong, September/October 2017

Instead of the peace expected from the end of the long civil war between Tamil and Buddhists, Buddhist nationalists turned on their Muslim neighbors.


Shadows in the Golden Land
by Cameron Conaway, September/October 2016

The story of the Rohingya Muslims—considered by some the most persecuted minority in the world—who are confined to camps in Myanmar.


Birthright Denied
by Jacob Kushner, September/October 2015

Reporting on the Dominican Republic’s efforts to take away citizenship from tens of thousands of Haitians who were born in the country.


A House Divided
by Eve Fairbanks, May/June 2013

A story about the integration and subsequent re-segregation of the dorms at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein and how racial attitudes changed on both sides as they did; the story was nominated for the Livingston Award.


The New Normal
by Brian Schaefer, September/October 2012

An exploration of the roots of prejudice against homosexuals in Judaism and gay life in Israel and the military’s role in reversing it; the story was nominated for the Livingston Award.