Project Director

Sarah Breger
Moment Deputy Editor

The Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative is an act of faith that epitomizes what great journalism is all about: to shine a light in dark places, speak truth to power and unearth stories that regimes throughout the world would keep buried. The Initiative goes about this by sending talented young people to remote places to do difficult and sometimes dangerous work. The payoff is not just in presenting stories that Moment’s readers need to know but in helping train a new generation of enterprising and committed journalists to ensure that this important mission continues. Danny Pearl’s memory demands nothing less.
— Glenn Frankel

Advisory Board


Michael Abramowitz
President of Freedom House

Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor & Host of “The Situation Room”

Nadine Epstein
Moment Editor-in-Chief & CEO

Linda Feldmann
Christian Science Monitor Washington Bureau Chief

Martin Fletcher
Author & Journalist

Glenn Frankel
Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist

Scott Greenberger
Executive Editor, The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Stateline

Mary Hadar
Project Editor at The Washington Post

Amy Kaslow
International Photographer and Journalist

Bill Kovach
Former Washington bureau chief of The New York Times


Charles Lewis
Founder & Executive Editor, Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University

Sidney Offit
Author & Teacher

Clarence Page
Syndicated Columnist & Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member

Steven Roberts
George Washington University Professor of Media and Public Affairs 

Amy E. Schwartz
Moment Opinion Editor

Robert Siegel
Former NPR Host of “All Things Considered”

Paul Steiger
Former Managing Editor of The Wall Street Journal & Executive Chairman of ProPublica

Lynn Sweet
Chicago Sun-Times’ Washington, DC Bureau Chief